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Factsheets on Sustainable Food Procurement

Cuisine is considered a key element of the tourist experience. Closely linked to this is the handling of food, which has an economic, social and environmental impact on destinations and local businesses. The tourism sector is an important part of the food value chain and offers opportunities to have a positive impact on the production and consumption of the food used.

In cooperation between the world tourism organization UN Tourism, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Futouris, a series of factsheets has been developed as a useful tool for more sustainable food procurement. The factsheets provide clear information and tips on important aspects such as the climate and water footprint of different foods, on relevant product categories such as meat or fish, on the benefits of local and fair-trade organic products, as well as on the use of certifications and seals such as organic or fair trade. The series underlines the importance of informed procurement for the promotion of sustainable food systems.