About the Futouris Plastic Waste Reduction Toolkit

The toolkit was co-financed as part of the EU-funded “SUSTOUR” project and supports hotels and tourism businesses in implementing a long-term strategy to avoid single-use plastic in their own operations.

Find the digital toolkit here

Advantages of the toolkit

Simple and field-tested tips
Practical tools and materials for easy implementation
Best practice examples from accommodation and other service providers
Interesting facts about plastic pollution and recycling

Contents of the toolkit

Development of an effective plastic management system

The toolkit contains important information and practical tips on how to successfully and effectively set up a plastic management system in your own company.


More sustainable alternatives

Interested parties will not only find an overview of more sustainable alternatives for common plastic products in the toolkit, but can also use the sustainability index to see how sustainable the individual alternatives really are.


Plastic waste separation and recycling

What do I do with unavoidable single-use plastic products? The toolkit provides tips on how to effectively separate waste and thus increase the recycling rate.


Motivation of guests and employees

The best measures are useless if employees and guests are not aware of them or do not support them. The toolkit therefore provides tips on how to inform employees and guests and, above all, motivate them to support the commitment to sustainability.


Practical tools and best practice examples

In addition, the digital toolkit contains supporting materials such as practical instructions for the implementation of reusable products, an overview of more sustainable alternatives or so-called “decision trees”, which provide practical help with implementation.