About the Futouris Sustainable Food Toolkit

The toolkit was created in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Labor and Economy, WEKO and the Austrian Hotel Association and supports hotels and tourism businesses in implementing a more sustainable F&B management.

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Contents of the toolkit

The structure of the toolkit follows the different process stages that are passed through in connection with the preparation and consumption of food and beverages.


The toolkit contains an introduction to the topic of sustainable nutrition with interesting facts, practical tools and short instructions.


Sustainable Food Procurement

In addition to interesting facts such as the carbon footprint of food, interested parties will find practical tips and brief instructions on how to procure food in a more sustainable and well-planned way.


Sustainable Menu Design

The planning and composition of a menu can make a decisive contribution to the successful implementation of a sustainable gastronomic offering. The toolkit provides tips for smart menu planning and sustainable preparation.


Waste Management

Food waste is problematic in many respects. Not only does it represent a major environmental burden, it is also questionable from an ethical and economic point of view. In the toolkit, interested parties can find helpful tips on how to avoid food waste.


Nudging and communication

Once the more sustainable food offer has been implemented, the presentation of the food is of great importance. The attractiveness of the presentation determines how well the more sustainable offer is liked by the guests. The toolkit gives helpful tips in this regard.