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TUI Field to Fork Tasting Events

As part of the TUI Field to Fork Greece project initiated by Futouris, the TUI Care Foundation, and SFDO to support regenerative agriculture in Greece, tasting events were held for the first time. Local producers were able to present and offer their high-quality, regeneratively grown products for tasting. The tasting events attracted over 140 locals and hotel guests who sampled the local delicacies and appreciated the shared knowledge about sustainable agriculture.

Tasting Events Delight with Local Cretan Delicacies

In an inspiring collaboration between Futouris, the TUI Care Foundation, and the local partner SFDO (Sustainable Food Destination Organization), farmers and food producers in Crete have made significant strides towards sustainable agriculture. The joint project aims to support the transition to regenerative agriculture and closely link regional products with the tourism industry.

Over the past months, farmers and food producers received training on the five principles of regenerative agriculture. These training sessions helped them grow and produce high-quality and environmentally friendly food.

Recently, the first tasting events took place, where the participating producers presented their regeneratively grown products to both locals and hotel guests. Numerous questions about this unique form of cultivation were answered.


Highlight of the Tasting Events: Tastings and Cooking Classes

The highlight for the attendees was, of course, the tasting of various products. During small cooking classes, they also learned how to best prepare the regeneratively grown ingredients.

At Village Heights, guests could sample sheep sausage, ham, wine, stuffed grape leaves, and olive oil right next to the fields. In a cooking class, the hotel’s chef taught the participants how to prepare Cretan cheese (Mizithra) and a traditional rice dish. Following the presentation of the TUI Field to Fork Program, a discussion ensued on how producers can integrate regenerative agricultural practices and the important role soil health plays in cultivation.

At TUI Magic Life Candia Maris, a producer of delicious stuffed grape leaves was the focus during an exclusive cooking session and tasting event with 20 participants. Guests not only learned more about preparing Dolmadakia (stuffed grape leaves) but also gained insights into regenerative agriculture and the program’s goals to strengthen and rejuvenate the local community in Crete.

At Minoa Palace, 30 participants from the local community and hotel suppliers offered regeneratively grown products such as wine, avocados, carob spread and syrup, and pomegranate juice. The chef surprised the guests with creative recipes using the offered products, including a dish with pomegranate juice and a dessert with carob syrup.

Tasting Events a Resounding Success

The first five tasting events involved about 10 local producers and attracted over 140 locals and hotel guests to sample the delicious local delicacies. The feedback on the tasting events was excellent: local producers, suppliers, and the community were eager to learn more about regenerative agriculture and collaborate more closely, while tourists and guests appreciated the shared knowledge at the interactive events and the locality and quality of the products.

These successful tasting events demonstrate the potential of regenerative agriculture in Crete and the possibility of harmoniously linking tourism and sustainable agriculture. The positive feedback from participants confirms the importance of this project for the local community and sustainable tourism.

About the project

Futouris and the TUI Care Foundation, in collaboration with the Sustainable Food Destination Organization (SFDO), have launched the TUI Field to Fork Greece project to support farmers in transitioning to regenerative agricultural practices.

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TUI Field to Fork Greece Tasting Events

As part of the TUI Field to Fork Greece project, the first tasting events took place, where local producers offered their regeneratively grown products for tasting.


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