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Our focus topics

The Futouris members developed the key themes presented below together. They serve as focus topics for collaboration at Futouris as well as guiding themes for project development.

— Reduce the climate footprint of travel

— Support in collecting Scope 3 emissions (e.g. food)

— Promote transparency regarding the climate footprint of travel

— Raising awareness among employees and agents about the climate footprint and climate-friendly products

— Climate-friendly design of product portfolios

— Climate change impact mitigation in destinations

Protection of natural areas and endangered species through:

— Raising awareness of the importance of biodiversity among travelers, partners and the population in the destinations (in dialogue)

— Promotion of resource-saving and biodiversity-friendly activities/measures, e.g. renaturation, reforestation, animal and species protection

— Promotion of regenerative/sustainable agriculture including networking with tourist gastronomic offers

— Promote the use of local food, taking into account nature and resource protection (e.g. water)

— Auditing of animal and species protection standards / animal welfare policies

— Reduce resource consumption (e.g. water, food, textiles)

— Raising awareness/raising awareness (training, guidelines, tools)

— Promoting circularity (circular processes, upcycling, repairing)


— Improve the visibility of sustainable/responsible travel offers in booking systems.

— Raising awareness among customers and travel agents about responsible travel offers.

— Improve the transparency, findability and visibility of more sustainable offers.

— Promotion of responsible travel offers (e.g. hotel certifications).

— Exchange of experiences between destinations

— Development and implementation of strategies against overtourism (e.g. seasonal adjustment)

— Reduce resource use and increase resource protection (e.g. reduce water, energy, CO2, etc.)

— Promote sustainable accommodation

— Raising guest awareness

— Create understanding between locals and guests and increase local added value

— Equal participation of everyone in the tourism supply chain

— Increase local added value

— Fair working conditions in the supply chain

— Child protection and human rights

— Create transparency for existing imbalances (e.g. existing imbalance to the disadvantage of women)

— Support all disadvantaged groups

Our projects

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TUI Field to Fork Greece

Futouris and the TUI Care Foundation are taking their commitment on the island of Crete one step further and are working with local partners to help farmers and food producers switch to regenerative agriculture and link the players with the tourism industry. One focus here is reducing the carbon footprint of agricultural products.


Climate conscious travel

The Futouris industry project aims to uniformly calculate the emissions caused by travel and present them to employees and customers.


Local & sustainable: Measures for the responsible handling with food

The aim of FTI’s project was to increase the awareness and knowledge of hotel employees on the topic of “sustainable food” and to reduce food waste in the group’s Meeting Point hotels.


Industry-wide training on human rights in tourism

A total of ten large, medium and small tourism companies as well as five associations and civil society organizations have come together to jointly develop online training courses on human rights due diligence in the tourism value chain.