Climate-friendly product design for tour operators

The “Climate-Friendly Product Design” project as part of the BMWK’s LIFT Transformation Program aims to develop instruments and training programs with partners from science and business in order to integrate the criterion of climate impact more closely into the product development and management of tour operators.

STAY FAIR – making sustainably certified accommodations visible

With the help of the STAY FAIR attribute, Amadeus, in collaboration with Fairweg, makes sustainably certified accommodations visible in the amadeus sales channels, making it significantly easier for travelers to find suitable accommodations.

Climate conscious travel

A lake in the shape of human footprints in the middle of a lush forest as a metaphor for the impact of human activity on the landscape and nature in general. 3d rendering.

The Futouris industry project aims to uniformly calculate the emissions caused by travel and present them to employees and customers.